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With   great   pleasure ,   we   would   like   to   introduce   to   you   to a   new   generation   of   one   of   the   greatest   classics   in   magic   -   Magic   Coloring   Book   Pro!   from   the   Brothers   magic   workshop.  


Effect :   imagine   the   coloring   pages   magic   trick   which   you   have   seen   several   times .   Have   you ? And   now   imagine   how   this   classic   routine   could   be   improved .  

This   new   generation   of   PRO   coloring   books   (15 x 20   inches )   is   based   on many   years   of   experience    it   is   versatile ,   it   is   not   language   restricted   and   works   with   a   routine   made   of   three   phases .  


  • Phase   One   -   The   Magician   will   show   funny ,   unpainted   pictures   of   well-known   fairy   tale   characters   that   are   eloquent   even   without   words .  

  • Phase   two -   The   magician   invites   the   audience to   color   the   coloring   pages , and   then   reveals   to   them   " splashed "   pictures .  

  • Phase   three -   The   magician   triumphs   with   beautiful ,   colored   pictures . Bravo!  


Just   the   versatility   of   Magic   Coloring   Book   Pro!   from   the   Brothers   magic   workshop   allows   the   magician   to   create   versions   of   the   story   according   to his   own   imagination .   It   doesn't   matter   where   you   come   from   and   what   language   you   or   your   audience   speaks .   The   creators   have   decided   to   remove   the   classic   headlines ,   which   you   can   see   in   the   other   versions .   Thanks   to   that , these   coloring   books   are   completely   usable   for   every   magician   all   around   the   world .  


There   is   another   improvement   of   the   effect   that   will   leave   the   audience   amazed .   The   Brothersmagic   team has long   worked   with   the   thought   on   how   to   get   the   audience more   involved   in   this   routine . So, in   the   second   phase ,   the   magician   asks   the   audience to   color   the   pictures   by “ throwing   the   colors   on   the   pictures . And   at   this   stage ,   there   comes   a   fun   moment in   which   the   thrown   colors   create   splashes   on   the   pictures   that   look   so   real   that   they   create   the   illusion   of   flowing   colors  


Original   and   entertaining   illustrations   are   perfectly   visible   even   from   a   greater   distance,   they   look   alive   and   will   captivate   children   as   well   as   adults .  


Key   properties :  

-15 x 20   inches   ,   (39   x 51 cm)  

- versatility  

-no   language   restrictions  

- printed   on   premium   paper  

- cover   with   UV   varnish  

- quality   binding  

- original   and   fun   illustration  

- suitable   for   professionals  

-Made in Czech Republic  


Created   by Vojtech Sika and Pavel   Dolejska  

Illustrated   by   Vaclav   Sika  

Concept   art by Dominik Sika  

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