PERFECT BEND by Erez Moshe

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  • Producer: Erez Moshe
  • Catalog number: 109

This has to be the most incredible metal bending we've ever seen! And it looks just like it reads! The performer picks up a spoon on the table, holds it at his fingertips, and proceeds to concentrate. Slowly, eerily, and methodically, the bowl of the spoon begins to bend until it is at a 90 degree angle. So far, nothing original, until you TAKE THAT VERY SAME SPOON and display it in its bent position, dropping it on the table. WHOA! The best part are the conditions: No special set-up involved No chemicals Completely self-contained The gimmick is nearly invisible Can be performed completely surrounded
Can be instantly repeated with no reset involved
You can choose whether the body of the spoon or the bowl of the spoon bends!