LACED by Antonio Satiru

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  • Catalog number: EX8

Divákem podepsaná karta se bleskově objeví přivázaná tkaničkou k vaší botě.

Your spectator chooses ANY card (no force). The selection is signed and placed back into the deck. The deck is tossed in the air. Then, just like Bruce Lee, you KICK the cards in mid-air. Your audience loses their collective mind as they notice the signed selection is TIED in-between the laces of your shoe! You untie your shoe, hand out the signed card as a souvenir and walk off into the sunset...

*Don't want to pick up cards afterwards? NO PROBLEM! Multiple routines are taught including a very clean, no pick-up version!
NO forcing!
NO duplicate cards!
NO sleight of hand!
NO bad angles!
Easy to learn!
Easy to perform!
You will be performing within minutes!
Everything is included!