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  • Producer: MAGIC STUDIO 2000
  • Catalog number: 554

This trick was invented by magic genius and inventor Lubor Fiedler
See the commercial video, to experience the visual value of the trick !

Effect : The magician shows 13 cards of the same suit, for example all spades.
One card is freely chosen by spectator and tabled, face up.
The backside of the remaining cards is shown to be all red backed.
The spectators card on the table is now turned over. This card,
however, has a blue back !

Strong climax : A short movement with the red backed cards and the top card changes visibly also into the color blue! Immediately all the cards are
shown, having a blue back ! The spectator can see all the cards from both sides.....

- strong visual magic
- the cards change color in a "flash"
- easy to perform
- no sleight of hand
- Bicycle Rider back version