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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.


98 pages
  • Featuring Cruise ship magician Craig Diamond. He discusses how Covid affected his business and what he thinks will be the future of cruising once we are 'back to normal.'
  • Tribute to the legendary magician Norm Nielsen who passed away.
  • Jamie Allen from the UK launches one of the best Virtual live shows during Covid - Magician Live - find out how he put it together and who is involved.
  • The Birth of Virtual Magic - magicians from around the world share how they started up a new business with online performances.
  • Top Six Interactive Magic tricks for online performances.
  • 8 Tips for the Virtual Magician
  • How To Host A virtual show
  • Adapt and Grow by Jason Andrews
  • 3 Easy Steps to More revenue by Lori Martin. How to get a website that works for you.
  • That's All Folks - Joshua Seth looks back at his career and how he has moved on to other things outside of magic since lockdown.
  • The Rope Cut - rope trick - by Colin Underwood
  • Virtual Card to Envelope - Trick - by Louie Foxx
  • The Greatest Compliment- Trick - by Dave Atwood
  • A Squib In The World by Felice Ling - The High Cost of Asian Stereotypes in magic
  • Magic Is Education by Jeff Christensen
  • David Seebach - Master of The American Midwest - The classicist, the showman and the Rock Star
  • Product Highlight - Buma's Orb
  • Product Highlight - Truth or Consequences
  • Reviews - Carpenter Coins by Jack Carpenter, Darkest Corners by Ben Hart, Parlor Tricks by Moran and West, The Black Art Project by Sans Minds, The Real Invisible Deck by James Dugdale, The Best Color Changing Knives by Rodger Lovins, Expose by Sans Minds
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