YU HO JIN manipulation cards (multi color)

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As a card manipulator, I have always felt the need for my own manipulation cards that are made to fit all my needs. I wanted them to last long, withstand many different types of weather, have black art features, and much more.

After long years of research, trial and error, I am proud to present my own set of manipulation cards. I have been using them for a while on my performances and they come in two versions: a normal white deck and a multicolor deck (sky blue, pink, yellow and green)

For one deck, there are two cases of different sizes so that you can carry all types of manipulation cards: from waxed manipulation cards to cards with fanning powder applied to them. They fit inside each other so you can either carry two cases as one, or leave the smaller case at home.
The cards are ultra-thin and very smooth
The cards are tear-resistant which will make them last much longer.
The cards are resistant to folding or creasing. They will retain the elasticity even if you accidently crease or fold one.
You will find that the cards will NOT bend or change their form even after extensive palming or practicing.
The back design of the card has my original black art design idea so that you can use them for different backgrounds and also show the back of the fan of cards without risking trick exposure.
The cards are water-resistant. You can use them in any weather, in any humidity. You can even dip the cards in water and they will be just fine. I also came up with an easy method to apply fanning powder to the cards using this feature.
White Deck: 52 cards + instruction card + certificate of authenticity (via QR Code).
Multicolor Deck: 13 cards each for Sky Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow + instruction card + certificate of authenticity (via QR Code).

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