Mindfreak - Complete Season Five by Criss Angel - 2 DVD SET

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The Magician of the Decade returns with his top-rated series MINDFREAK to attempt five of the most dangerous demonstrations in magic history. From traversing a field of live explosives to being shackled in a coffin and buried under ice and snow, Criss' death-defying escapes, fearless demonstrations and astonishing physical feats challenge the laws of science in revolutionary ways, each one presenting Criss with a new way to live... or die.

Each one-hour episode features a variety of different illusions and culminates in one unique, grand demonstration that stretches the boundaries of reality and belief. Episodes include White Death; Death Field; Terminal Velocity, in which Criss attempts to teleport himself; Death Crash, in which spectators choose which of five coffins (one with Criss hiding inside) are smashed to splinters; and Mass Levitation, an extraordinary attempt to levitate an entire Las Vegas crowd.

In THE FIVE LIVES OF CRISS ANGEL, experience five of the most death-defying demonstrations in magic history on 2 DVDs.

BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

Disc 1: White Death / Death Field / Mass Levitation

Disc 2: Terminal Velocity / Death Crash / Bonus

Total Running Time: Approximately 3hrs 55mins